About the author

Who am I:

  • Real person

  • Possibly a magical girl* ;) Sunflower
    * sorry to disappoint You, not really

  • “Hacker”

  • WEEB(Well Educated Engineer ButAddictedToAnime) Sunflower

  • Tinkerer Sunflower

  • Engineer(as mentioned above )

  • Problem solver

  • Leader

What I do:

  • Network infrastructure
  • Digital Signal Processing(for wireless communications, custom modems)
Simple pilot based channel estimator for my DIY OFDM Modem implementation!
  • Wireless Communications
My SDR transceiver - Adalm Pluto!
  • RF measurements
An RF Instrument i use(sometimes).
  • Embedded design

  • Electronics reverse-engineering

An RF PA I'm trying to reverse-engineer and reuse.
  • coding (a little)

Feel free to write me: contact(AT)sdr(dot)li